Michael J. Libow

Michael J. Libow’s career in Beverly Hills real estate began in 1986; but, actually began as a child. His family moved several times during his youth and he auspiciously enjoyed the process of searching for a new home. From his schooling as a mathematics major at UCLA, Michael integrated his studies of logic and analysis into his business which affords him the capability of successfully deconstructing a problematic situation and locating a solution for it. As a nearly lifelong Beverly Hills resident, Michael takes great pride in being able to give back to the community which nurtured him. His current home, the world-renowned Witch’s House in Beverly Hills, was restored by Michael over the course of the last ten years and remains a cultural landmark for all to enjoy. His involvement with the school system, police and fire departments, and a multitude of other city services is legendary and has earned him tremendous respect in the city of Beverly Hills.